Ennerdale Craft Brewery


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The Ennerdale Brewery are hosting their 7th annual Barrel Run on Saturday 23rd September from 11 am. This is a fun run in teams of two, participants will run approximately 3 miles in fancy dress from the Brewery at Rowrah to the fox and Hounds public House in Ennerdale Bridge carrying an empty 9 gallon stainless steel barrel. After the race has finished, participants are given a free pint of Ennerdale Ale, following that, you will be transported back to the brewery for sandwiches, chips, live music and entertainment for children. Entrance fee are £10 per team, all proceeds go to charity. We would like to ask whether you would be kind enough to donate a gift for our raffle prize please, anything would help. We have a long way to go to collect prizes and would very much appreciate a donation of any size from your kind selves. We at the Brewery understand that companies get asked for donations quite a lot so appreciate if you cannot donate anything this year, but please consider us for next year. If you would like to donate, please can you contact Emily on 07725 839952 to collect the prize or alternatively pop something in the post to us at the Brewery, Chapel Row, Rowrah, Cumbria, CA26 3XS.

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