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Missing the Pub??

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Missing the Pub??

We’d like to remind everyone that we are still open! We will remain open and continue to provide our lovely beer to all who’d like it (subject to age restrictions) until the Government tells us we can’t.

So, if you’re planning a period of self-isolation, and can’t bear the thought of life without beer, or even if you’ve just got a thirst on which you can’t quench due to panic buying and pub closures, fear not, we are here to help!

Just call in at The Ennerdale Brewery at Rowrah, where we have beer by the caseload!

We have 500ml bottles of Blonde, Wild, Darkest, Pale, Red, Darker Tides, John Dalton Stout & our award-winning premium lager Seven Bridges in 440ml cans.

For those of you that prefer your beer on draught, we can also offer you Firkins (72 pints) or Pins (36 pints) and a hand pump to serve it from (see terms and conditions below*) so you can play pub landlord in your own home. (serving yourself of course, no parties!)

Sound good? Then what are you waiting for? Give us a ring on 01946 862977 (Option 1), or call into the brewery to collect direct at

Ennerdale Brewery, Chapel Row, Rowrah, Cumbria CA26 3XS

*(Terms & Conditions: Hand Pump hire charge of £30 required for Pin sales, Firkin sales get free Hand Pump hire. Fully returnable Damage deposit of £50 also required for all Hand Pumps issued and a returnable deposit of £10 for each cask)

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