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Mini Kegs return for Spring!

Our mini kegs went down such a storm over Christmas, we’ve decided they need another shot in the limelight!

Closed pubs over the last few months has meant it’s been nigh on impossible to get your hands on a proper pint of ale. If you’ve ever wondered exactly why your bev goes down easier in the pub than at home, it’s probably in no small part thanks to the fact that it is cask treated (although, just getting out the house sure does help too!).

For this reason exactly, we launched our mini kegs at the end of 2020. Combining the taste of pub ale with the convenience (and necessity) of staying in, these mini kegs kinda give us the best of both worlds.

We’ll be focusing on our lighter range of beers as the weather continues to warm, and the days finally begin to get that little bit longer.

As of Friday 12th March, we will have available Blonde, Wild, Pale and our Session Harbour Master (4.0% abv). Please call, email or message us on Facebook to order yours!

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