Ennerdale Craft Brewery


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The Brewery Tap is reopening in the evenings

We have some exciting news this week… The Brewery Tap is reopening for evening service (Thursday/Friday/Saturday) from Thursday the 16th May! And do you want some even more exciting news? We’re offering our lovely customers 20% off every main meal that is purchased over the weekend.

The Tap will be back serving our delicious, homemade food from 5pm-9pm. We also have a selection of our ales available at the bar, including our popular seasonal specials Pale and Honeycomb.

Everything on our evening menu is fresh and sourced from local suppliers. There is a lot of choice, meaning something for everyone, including gluten and dairy free options. So what are you waiting for? Call us on01946862977 to reserve a table for over the weekend!

All of our beers can be bought at The Brewery Tap!
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April Customer of the Month: Seth’s Bar, Cockermouth

Situated in the busy Market Place of Cockermouth, Seth’s Bar is a quirky real ale tavern that also offers a wonderful, wide selection of gins, wines and cocktails.

With its chilled out garden terrace Seth’s Bar is the perfect place to relax and enjoy a pint or a cocktail. The bar boasts a great team of staff who are very helpful and friendly and its atmosphere in the evening is second to none.

Seth’s plays host to a number of gigs (Mojo Rising will be performing on May 10th) and an Open Mic Night where all participants receive a free drink of their choice. And if all of that is not enough to make you want to pay a visit… they also serve very delicious pizzas!!

Seth’s has a great range of drinks, including a selection of our ales!

Since the start of this year Owner Andy has ordered our cask ales almost every week. He has experimented with our different specials such as Honeycomb, Pale Ale and English Pride IPA and sometimes even takes up to four casks at a time- we’re not actually sure where they find the cellar space!

Andy, to say thank you for your continued support you will receive your FREE CASE OF ENNERDALE ALE along with your next order. Cheers!

Trashtag #success

Last Sunday we teamed up with Midas Watches, Club 135 and Y-Tea of The Lake District in an attempt to tackle some of the rubbish around Whitehaven.

We tactically hid an empty Ennerdale Ale bottle on the beach with a Brewery Tour Voucher for 4 people hidden inside of it, in an attempt to give people incentive to get involved in the litter picking. And it worked! It was a great turn out with around 50 people (and a handful of dogs) coming down to join in with the clean up.

It’s not littering… It’s methodically placed!

The team of volunteers met at Club 135, where they were kitted out with litter picking utensils, then headed out to tackle trash in the town and on the beaches of Whitehaven. Matthew Rush was the lucky winner who found the bottle and our Brewery Tour giveaway. Congratulations Matthew, give us a call to book your prize!

Rory Wood, founder of Midas Watches and organiser of the Trashtag event told us “It’s had a great reach in the local community so far… these will definitely be monthly events”.

So if you missed out on Trashtag this time don’t worry, you can always come and do your bit at the next one. We’re lucky to live in a beautiful part of the world, lets not let litter ruin it for us!

Today we teamed up with our amiga española

Today we were lucky enough to have Spanish brewer Asun Bosch join us in the brewery.

Asun has been brewing beer for “La Jefa: Cerveza Artesana” in Tenerife and wanted to spend a day with Dave to learn all about the brewing process of our English ales.

uwww brewer friends!

“La Jefa” is the Spanish feminine form for “boss”, or female boss! The brewery has only been up and running for a couple of months but they have already produced three amazing craft ales… with equally amazing art work! And it gets better, each ale is dedicated to a “La Jefa” that history has kept silently hidden.

1.’Rosalind’ is a light, blonde beer that will fill your taste buds with floral tastes, honey aromas and inspirational overtones. Historically it was almost impossible for female scientists to assert themselves. Education was limited and academic contributions were often dismissed or perhaps worse, misattributed. Rosalind Franklin’s data was used without her permission and her huge contribution to science (unlocking the double helix structure of DNA) was extremely under-acknowledged. Every time you drink a Rosalind you acknowledge “La Jefa” in science!

2. ‘Olive’ is a strong, brown ale that is both sweet and malty with aromas of coconut and vanilla. In her short life, Olive Morris co-founded the Brixton Black Women’s Group and the Organisation of Women of Asian and African Descent (OWAAD). She was also a core member of the British Black Panther Movement. She campaigned for access to education and decent living conditions for Black communities and she fought against state and police repression. Despite dying at a young age, she empowered the people who lived and worked around her. Olive dedicated her life to the struggle for liberation, democracy and socialism- This one is for her!

3. ‘Hedy’ is a tangy, zesty, well-hopped American IPA. It has a high alcohol content and should be savored to receive all of its signals. Hedy Lamarr was a successful American actress, however, with the outbreak of World War II she “did not feel very comfortable, sitting there in Hollywood and making lots of money when things were in such a state”. Instead she turned to inventing and, with help from composer and pianist George Antheil, created a radio guidance system that used a frequency-hopping signal that was immune to interference from enemies. Unfortunately, the US Navy did not adopt her technology until the 1960s, however, the principals of her work are used in Bluetooth technology and versions of modern day Wi-Fi. Cheers to that!

You can visit their website for more info, or if you’re planning a holiday in Tenerife be sure to check out La Jafa and taste their ales (be careful though- they’re strong!)

It would have been rude to not taste our beer…..

Ennerdale Ales are now on Morrisons shelves

It has taken a lot of time, patience and paperwork, but our sneaky little bottled ales have finally managed to wiggle their way onto the shelves in Morrisons.

Morrisons in Kendal are the first store to stock our ales and they have our full core range (Blonde, Wild and Darkest), priced at a very reasonable £2 per bottle. So far they have been flying off the shelves, so we’re hoping to also introduce our latest specials (Pale Ale and Honeycomb Beer) into the supermarket in the near future.

Our sales guru Russell and chief brewer Dave have spent the day in the store giving out free samples and chatting with customers about all things beer. So if you are a fellow beer nerd and you’re in the Kendal area, come and say hi!

*Morrisons, it’s been a pleasure working with you. Hopefully this is the start of another lovely, beery relationship!*