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Barrel Run 2018

The Ennerdale Brewery are hosting our eighth annual Barrel Run on Saturday 15th September at 11am.

The barrel run is a fun run in teams of two where participants run (or walk!) approximately 3 miles in fancy dress from the Brewery at Rowrah to the fox and Hounds public House in Ennerdale Bridge… Carrying an empty 9 gallon barrel! 

After the race has finished participants are given a free pint of Ennerdale Ale and are then transported back to the brewery for sandwiches, chips, live music and Children’s entertainment.

Entrance fee is £10 per team and all proceeds go to charity. 

If you would like to find out more please contact the brewery on 01946862977 or alternatively register at The Brewery Tap on the day (Registration opens at 10:00am).

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Ennerdale Brewery Halloween Party

Ennerdale Brewery Halloween party Saturday 28th October 2017

Disco | Fun | Games | Buffet



Children 3+ years: £5 (incl spooky party bag)
Adult:s £10 (inc spooky brewery tour. Strictly adults only)