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Some good news for the weekend: Blonde is back in bottles!

Due to a huge increase in sales (probably due to the ridiculous amount of back to back bank holidays we’ve all been faced with over the past couple of months) we completely sold out of our much loved, best selling beer- Ennerdale Blonde.

We managed to get some brews in and casks were soon back in stock, however, bottles are a little more complicated due to the time it takes for them to be sent away to be put into bottles and labeled.

BUT WE HAVE SOME GOOD NEWS and just in time for the weekend. Today, Barrie was back and forward from Bottled in Cumbria (the company that put our lovely little ales into bottles) collecting a very hefty supply of Ennerdale Blonde Bottles.

Here’s hoping that’s enough to keep us going for the foreseeable future….. But that been said, we know how much you beer drinkers love our ales and how quickly you can get through them. So cheers to the weekend!