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New Ale: Ennerdale Reserve

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New Ale: Ennerdale Reserve

Our new head brewer Dave has been busy, creating some amazing new ales!

Ennerdale Reserve is a special ale brewed as traditional beers were in country houses hundreds of years ago (when the gentry would have a bakery and a brewery to sustain the extended family living there). This is a beer for drinking at the dining table with the main meal of the day- to be savoured. Reserve is brewed using sovereign and Golding hops for a spicy bittiness and oaked in the fermenter to recreate a taste of beer from the country houses barrels in the stone cellar. This special ale will be available in the upcoming months keep your eyes peeled on our twitter and facebook page for updates.

For more information on new  products call us on01946862977 or drop us an email: [email protected]


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