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That’s right, we are OFFICIALLY SALSA accredited!! And we don’t mean the dance or the dip…

The team have worked so hard for months in order to make this happen so that we can ensure that we are getting you the perfect pint day in, day out!

Our beautiful certificate!

SALSA’s aim is to provide food safety assurance certification and support for small and micro businesses in the United Kingdom.

What was that? The Ennerdale Brewery is SALSA approved? COOL!

It means that we can produce beer in confidence that it is at the highest standard, and also means that we can reach new customers! Keep an eye out for us, you never know where we might pop up next…

It is also written by food safety experts which, in essence, must mean that we’re now CERTIFIED beer experts (I mean, we’ve always been beer experts, but now with proof)!

Our page that is shown above can be found at the link below. Make sure to have a look around:


We are SO proud of this achievement and want to thank all of our lovely customers for the continued support as we conquer the beer world. Please share this news and help us to spread the word!!


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