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Award-Winning Seven Bridges Strikes Gold!

We are delighted to announce that our Seven Bridges Lager has been recognized for a Gold SIBA Award!

Whilst Ennerdale Brewery is all about Real Ales, our amazing Head Brewer, Dave Morton, and his team created Seven Bridges so that we could have our own signature lager on at the Ennerdale Brewery Tap. From there, Seven Bridges has gone on to become one of our most popular, best-selling beers.

Can we officially call this ‘gold in a can‘ now?

Made using the same yeast we use to brew our range of Real Ales, Seven Bridges is technically a kolsh-style beer, brewed in the same way as beers from Cologne. This results in a beer that is more fruity, less hoppy, than a traditional pilsner.

When asked why Seven Bridges has been so successful, Dave said:

“It is easy enough to win awards with beer that use tons of hops, that slap you in the face with flavour. But Seven Bridges is a subtle beer; we don’t use a lot of hops, and we specifically use subtle malts – everything about this beer is careful. There’s nowhere for off flavours to hide.

Named after the seven bridges that cross the river Rhine through Cologne, this beer fittingly bridges the gap between casual lager drinkers and craft-beer lovers alike.

You can always find a pint of the cold stuff at the Tap & Bistro, as well as at a number of venues that we supply, including the Brook House Inn.

You can also buy Seven Bridges directly from us, in keg and cans.

Please direct inquiries to 01946 862977. Alternatively, please email [email protected] for more information!

Written by Abbie Foster 2020

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