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Struggling to think of a gift for Fathers Day?

If your dad is anything like my dad he will be difficult to buy gifts for this Fathers Day. If your dad is anything like my dad he will also really love beer. The solution? An Ennerdale Brewery Membership.

Membership will entitle your dad to:

A unique welcome gift (either a T-shirt or a bottle gift pack).
A welcome letter and membership card to access 10% discount off our Ennerdale bottles and casks, as well as 10% off beers bought in The Brewery Tap Cafe Bistro.
1 free brewery tour, plus 20% off for any guests he would like to bring along (you?!)
He will also receive invitations to members only nights at the brewery where he can enjoy tasting sessions, learn more about our beers and have the opportunity to get to know the team.

All for only £25 for the year! Memberships can be purchased online or pop in and see us at The Brewery Tap.

Our Brewery Tours (starting at £15pp) are also a great, more personal gift, as you can spend the day together learning all about our beer. Give us a call to book.

Alternatively, if that’s more than you’re willing to spend on your old man, for £9.95 you can purchase our beautifully wrapped beer gift packs which contain 3 bottles of Ennerdale Ale of your choice.

The perfect gift this Fathers Day- Beer!

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“Experience a day out like no other at The Ennerdale Brewery- An attraction that will live long in the memory”

We recently collaborated with myhotelbreak.com as they investigated why their guests should visit us here at The Ennerdale Brewery. Find out what they discovered in this guest blog post that they kindly wrote for us:

“Having great attractions to visit really adds to a hotel break. For those looking at their next hotel break in the beautiful area of Cumbria we highly recommend taking time out to visit The Ennerdale Brewery. Here at myhotelbreak.com, we’re really keen on exploring new attractions and we found the perfect, idyllic spot in The Ennerdale Brewery.

Let’s find out more:
We did our homework before we arrived. We knew there was a lot on offer at the brewery, but we only had a few hours to spare so we had to plan specifically what we wanted to do. We really wanted to do a brewery tour; this was one of the main motivations in visiting as we hadn’t experienced a brewery tour before. We also heard great things about The Bistro Tap which serves some of the best, homemade food in the area.

The Brewery Tours:
Due to the time constraints on our visit, we knew we had to be clever with what we decided to do. There are three types of brewery tours to choose from and we chose the ‘tour only’ which lasted one hour. This tour fitted perfectly into our itinerary; it was really insightful and we gained a deep understanding of the whole brewing process from start to finish. We were told that at the start of the brewing process The Ennerdale Brewery only use four natural ingredients; water, malt, hops and yeast. One of the added highlights to the tour is that everyone gets four 1/2 pints of Ennerdale Ale- which went down very well indeed!

At £15.00 per person, the tour was really good value for money. However, we did have to book the tour in advance so we suggest the same to anyone who is thinking of signing up. Also be aware that a £10 deposit is required at the time of booking.

Other tours available are:
-Package 2: Tour + Pie and peas (vegi options available). £25.00pp. Duration 2 hours.

-Package 3: Tour + Pie and Peas + Unlimited Ale. £35.00pp. Duration 4 hours*
*Minimum number of 15 people for this package.

The Brewery Tap:
Once the tour had finished, I’m not going to lie, food was the main thing on my partners mind, so we headed next door to the renowned Brewery Tap. The Bistro has a real rustic, woodland feel to it as well as being very welcoming. The menu is very varied with lots of choices available. We wanted something really great so I chose the Lasagne and my partner had the Homemade Pizza. We had heard great things about the food here and it did not disappoint. Both meals were just perfect; piping hot and made with care. It arrived in very good time too. You can check here to see the rest of the menu.

There is a wide variety of drinks here at The Brewery Tap too, from their own craft ales to wines and spirits. We of course had a couple of ales crafted by the superb brewery team. We also discovered that The Brewery Tap run various nights throughout the year, such as the Open Mic Nights.

This was a perfect day out! We highly recommend a visit to enjoy all that is on offer at The Ennerdale Brewery, in the beautiful surroundings of the West Cumbrian Lake District”.

Today we teamed up with our amiga española

Today we were lucky enough to have Spanish brewer Asun Bosch join us in the brewery.

Asun has been brewing beer for “La Jefa: Cerveza Artesana” in Tenerife and wanted to spend a day with Dave to learn all about the brewing process of our English ales.

uwww brewer friends!

“La Jefa” is the Spanish feminine form for “boss”, or female boss! The brewery has only been up and running for a couple of months but they have already produced three amazing craft ales… with equally amazing art work! And it gets better, each ale is dedicated to a “La Jefa” that history has kept silently hidden.

1.’Rosalind’ is a light, blonde beer that will fill your taste buds with floral tastes, honey aromas and inspirational overtones. Historically it was almost impossible for female scientists to assert themselves. Education was limited and academic contributions were often dismissed or perhaps worse, misattributed. Rosalind Franklin’s data was used without her permission and her huge contribution to science (unlocking the double helix structure of DNA) was extremely under-acknowledged. Every time you drink a Rosalind you acknowledge “La Jefa” in science!

2. ‘Olive’ is a strong, brown ale that is both sweet and malty with aromas of coconut and vanilla. In her short life, Olive Morris co-founded the Brixton Black Women’s Group and the Organisation of Women of Asian and African Descent (OWAAD). She was also a core member of the British Black Panther Movement. She campaigned for access to education and decent living conditions for Black communities and she fought against state and police repression. Despite dying at a young age, she empowered the people who lived and worked around her. Olive dedicated her life to the struggle for liberation, democracy and socialism- This one is for her!

3. ‘Hedy’ is a tangy, zesty, well-hopped American IPA. It has a high alcohol content and should be savored to receive all of its signals. Hedy Lamarr was a successful American actress, however, with the outbreak of World War II she “did not feel very comfortable, sitting there in Hollywood and making lots of money when things were in such a state”. Instead she turned to inventing and, with help from composer and pianist George Antheil, created a radio guidance system that used a frequency-hopping signal that was immune to interference from enemies. Unfortunately, the US Navy did not adopt her technology until the 1960s, however, the principals of her work are used in Bluetooth technology and versions of modern day Wi-Fi. Cheers to that!

You can visit their website for more info, or if you’re planning a holiday in Tenerife be sure to check out La Jafa and taste their ales (be careful though- they’re strong!)

It would have been rude to not taste our beer…..

Attention hospitality world: We now offer a Bespoke Beer Service

If you have a pub, restaurant, bar or bistro and want to add a personal touch to your beer taps or bottle fridge (or both) then we have what you’re looking for… We are excited to reveal that The Ennerdale Brewery now offer a Bespoke Beer service.

All you have to do is tell us what you like or what your bar is missing and our brilliant brewer and beer nerd Dave will get to work on designing your very own craft ale or premium larger.

Prices will vary depending on the ingredients and love that go into each unique brew, but the service will include personalised bottle labels and pump clips for barrelled beers.

Bespoke beers always add a very personal and friendly feel to a bar and make a great talking point for those who drink them. The personalised name, tastes and flavours that you create, as well as the pump clips and labels provided by us, act as a great selling point and are a wonderful way to get people chatting about your business!

So what are you waiting for? Give us a call on 01946862977 to discuss things further with Russell, our Out Reach Sales Manager. Alternatively, just drop us an email at [email protected] and we will get back to you asap.

March Customer of the Month: The Harbour Master, Whitehaven

Located on Whitehaven harbour, Sean and his team run a late night coffee house and bar where you can go and chill out with beautiful views of the marina.

Sean opened The Harbour Master just before Christmas and he was adamant that he wanted our real ales available on their very first launch night… The rest is history…

With their great selection of coffee, tea, rums and beers, as well as fun events like games nights and social sketch, there really is something for everyone (including our canine friends- the bar is even dog friendly)! We’re excited to see what else they have planned for the upcoming months when the sun hits their stunning outdoor terrace.

Sean, to thank you for your continued support, you will receive your FREE CASE OF ENNERDALE ALE with your next order. Ahoy matey!!